• Oops I left something out

    From Terminator@VERT to All on Tue Aug 28 07:53:00 2001
    Sorry, I left some information out about the program that I need help with.

    When the program is executed is loads the varables of:

    floc = Directory location for example c:\sbbs\doors\verify\
    minsec = The minium security level the user must have to run this program. maxsex = maxium security level they are allowed to have.
    newsec = New security level the user gets when they are verified.
    yourdomain = The domain name that I am using for the bbs.
    sn = SMTP Server name.
    sp = SMTP Server port #.
    from_address = Who is sending this message,
    cea = Maxium amount of tries the users has to be verified.
    maxtry = Same as cea.

    The current varables eqaul to when I run the program.

    floc = c:\sbbs\doors\verify\
    minsec = 17
    maxsec = 19
    newsec = 20
    yourdomain = chatfree.org
    sn = smtp-server.cox.rr.com
    sp = 25
    from_address = admin@chatfree.org
    cea = 4
    maxtry = 4

    The program executes fine to the end program and Its executing the line where it saids the email message was sent.


    Synchronet Synchronet -> Chatfree BBS bbs.chatfree.org