• Lost BAJA Program

    From Amcleod@VERT to All on Fri Oct 19 23:22:06 2001
    I'm only asking out of curiosity:

    Several years ago, I wrote a BAJA ditty that rewarded users for posting messages. It would award 5K credits per post (each SyncOp could change the amount) and every time you saved a message, you would see a little message advising you that you had been rewarded. If you uploaded a REP-packet, when the messages were unpacked/tossed, you would see a little progress-bar in "..." fashion, expanding to the right, one "." per message. Then you would get a message saying you had been given XXX credits (depending on the number of messages in the REP-packet).

    I used this on The ANJO BBS back before it died, and I know that several
    other BBS's out there adopted it and used it as well. Alas, the majority of these (actually, ALL, I think) boards have now gone the way of The ANJO
    BBS as well.
    Anyway, my question is, does anybody know if this little BAJA proggy exists today? Sitting in a BAJA collection in someone's File-base? Or on one of TommyKnocker's Synchronet CD's or something?

    The reason I have described it so carefully is because I can't actually remember the NAME of the file/archive, and in any case I think most people re-named it to suit their taste. But if anyone knows of it, I'd like to hear from them.
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