• Logon Menu

    From Barry Davis Jr@VERT to All on Mon Jul 22 13:22:00 2002
    What I want to do is have a menu come up with 2 choices.
    1 - Log on to my SBBS
    2 - Log onto my VADV system (as a door) (I have the command line for that)

    this is going to be done BEFORE the user enters a username/pw in the logon

    I am new to Baja and have not done any programming in AGES.

    this is what I have for the system to load VADV

    print "\r\nCIA BBS Loading..."
    replace_text 391 ""
    replace_text 390 ""
    node_status NODE_INUSE
    exec_xtrn vadv

    that would load up the VADV BBS as a door (which works fine)

    I just need some sort of menu to give the user a choice. Any help would be great. Thanks

    Synchronet BGDCAG BBS * telnet://bgdcagbbs.com