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    From Time Warrior@VERT to All on Fri Dec 12 21:45:05 2003
    Seeing as this area is for baja, and baja is *KEY* to
    modding a BBS, i thought i'd throw this in here.....

    I'm only gonna post ads like once every 2 weeks, so that
    I'm not a pain in anyones ass :-)

    The "UNOFFICIAL" Synchronet Support Network
    Specializing in: Modding - Customization - Addons

    We're had 23 boards join since the net started a
    whole week ago, and any of you who are non-programmers
    like myself who are getting really pissed off at baja
    might wanna check it out so you can learn how to use
    it, instead of less productive things like hitting
    your computer with a sledge hammer :-)

    http://www.synchsupport.net for more details!

    This network is for SYNCHRONET SYSOPS ONLY! (Sorry)

    Time Warrior

    Synchronet Vertrauen Home of Synchronet telnet://vert.synchro.net