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    From Digital Man@VERT to Ragnarok on Thu Nov 3 16:11:35 2005
    Re: exec_bin
    By: Ragnarok to DOVE-Net.Baja_Programming on Thu Nov 03 2005 05:17 pm

    hi, i'm confused.
    i use the default shell (default.src)
    i see that to call another seccion it use exec_bin
    ej: cmdkey C
    exec_bin chat_sec

    i see in the function that ,if exist chat_sec.js (js module) first load them if not exist, load chat_sec.bin (baja module)
    if it's true, i can replace all baja modules wich js modules.
    is it true?

    You can replace Baja modules with JavaScript modules, but *not* command shells (currently).

    digital man

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