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    From Matt Munson@VERT to All on Mon Aug 14 10:14:00 2006

    I guess my question would be to be willing to release the
    KenGen software
    so registrsation keys can still be made for sysops that
    might still want to
    use these software titles ....

    If not, possibly a single "public" registration key any and
    all sysops can

    Due to the deal at the time of my purchase of the ice branded
    software, I can't do that....

    Instead my suggestion is to find one of the several key generators
    that were made to "protest" the sale of the icebranded utilities.
    Those key generators were quite annoying, and I know the original
    icebranded software is/was still available.

    There is several problems with me releasing any BBS related software
    at this point.

    1) The tools and software I used to make the software are all archived.

    2) The compiler that I used is Borland Pascal, and had issues with
    Pentium 2's and higher. There were official patches, but
    I doubt it would work with Pentium 3 or 4, let alone 1 Ghz+
    based machines. I do not even have it installed anymore..
    (See below)

    3) Any software that I do now is cross platform.... Macintosh,
    PC, and Linux..... I don't even use the same programming language
    now. I am primarily using Python... (http://www.python.org)

    I honestly do not believe there is a desire for Dial up BBS software
    anymore. In the years since I closed the doors after the system crash,
    I have had 3 people ask about the software.

    I had several QuickBBS sysops begging for internet enabled software
    back in 96-97...

    While I can believe that Dial up still exists, with over 50% of the
    US having internet access, I can't believe that Dial up BBSing has
    a significant following anymore...

    As I mentioned I have toyed with making a Internet friendly BBS like
    package, but nothing has convinced me that it would be worth my time
    and energy to seriously consider it...

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