• Accessing Syncdata

    From Angus McLeod@VERT to Finnigann on Mon Aug 6 00:21:00 2007
    Here's a fairly simple JS script you can try. Copy it to "junky.js" in
    your EXEC directory, and from there you can run it by typing

    jsexec junky

    at a command prompt. Here is the script:

    load("sbbsdefs.js"); // load some useful SBBS definitions

    var sub = "hobbies"; // search this sub
    var subj_search = new RegExp(/Fokker/i); // RE search
    var want_body = false; // keep it short

    // open the message base;
    smb = new MsgBase(sub);
    if ( smb.open != undefined && smb.open() == false) {
    printf( "Uh-oh! Can't access %s: %s\r\n", sub, smb.last_error );
    delete smb;

    // process each message in message base
    for (ptr = smb.first_msg;
    ptr <= smb.last_msg && !js.terminated;
    ptr++) {
    // grab the header
    header = smb.get_msg_header( false, ptr, false );

    // skip certain messages for operational reasons
    if (header == null) continue;
    if (header.attr & MSG_DELETE) // skip marked for deletion
    if (header.attr & MSG_MODERATED && !(hdr.attr&MSG_VALIDATED))
    if (header.attr & MSG_PRIVATE) // skip private messages
    if (header.reverse_path) // no dupe loop
    if (header.from_net_type // don't gate
    && smb.cfg != undefined && !(smb.cfg.settings & SUB_GATE))

    // skip messages that don't match subject-wise
    if (!header.subject.match( subj_search )) continue;

    // give some very basic header info
    printf( "From: %s\nTo : %s\nSubj: %s\n\n",
    header.from, header.to, header.subject );

    // retrieve and message body if needed
    if (want_body) {
    body = smb.get_msg_body( false, ptr, true, true, true );
    if (body == null) {
    printf( "Uh-oh! Can't read body for #%ld\n", ptr);
    print( body );

    It searches the "hobbies" message-base for any message that mentions the
    word "Fokker" in the subject, and lists a few fields (and the body, if you really want). It just lists on the console. You can redirect to disk.

    It would be fairly straightforward to search according to a complex set of criteria, examining from/to, date, etc and even the body-text itself,
    before deciding whether to dump the message or not.

    Biggest problem with this is that it searches every message in the message base. *NOT* just the ones that have been added since the last time it
    ran. You would have to store smb.last_msg in a file somewhere on disk and read it back for use as a starting point instead of using smb.first_msg
    wach time. Not hard, but not part of this simple example.

    Now, would a more advanced version of this script be what you are looking
    for? (A separate script could be written to add messages to a sub.)
    And, with your knowledge of BATch programming, are you able to make any
    sort of sense of this programming?

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