• tic tac toe

    From Reaper Man@VERT to All on Mon Aug 9 19:03:00 1999
    ok a couple people didn't like having to re-enter my baja mod to play agian... that has all changed...
    i didn't find it neccessary to release a complete archive, so I just made a "patch"

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  • From Spiritwild@VERT to ALL on Tue Aug 10 09:44:00 1999
    Does anyone know a good tic-tac-toe game around ?

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  • From Reaper Man@VERT to Spiritwild on Thu Aug 12 04:17:00 1999
    RE: tic tac toe
    BY: Spiritwild to ALL on Tue Aug 10 1999 04:44 pm

    Does anyone know a good tic-tac-toe game around ?

    I haven't seen any stand-alone ttt games since back on the commodore 64 when I had this book on programming AI, but its method was rather ugly and inefficient

    ok so I wrote it in qb and compiled it... and I know that if you sent a message to rob about it you WOULD get a copy...

    hey if you find a game better than mine, leme know about it k?

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