• Telnet Varification

    From hijack@VERT to All on Tue Feb 15 18:00:00 2000
    Hey SBBS Version 3+ Sysops This Message Is For You!

    I just completed my Beta Telnet Varification Script for Baja.

    Im Looking for people that Need it and want to test it for me.

    Come to AceBBS telnet in at:

    bbs.acesoft.org or acesoft.us.eu.org

    Try it out there and leave me Email if you want to join the test.

    Thank You For Your Time

    Sysop Of Ace BBS

    P.S. Thanks Rob for putting up with me ... Hehe

    Synchronet AceBBS - We're Back! - TELNET://acesoft.us.eu.org