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    From -oblivious-@VERT to All on Sun Feb 4 08:09:00 2001
    [Sync] Synchronet Autosig V1.666 [eob]
    Synchronet autosig allows users to have a
    predefined signature that is
    automatically added to the end of each
    message that they post.
    Synchronet Autosig allows users to either
    EDIT their signature online OR UPLOAD a
    signature that they have prepared with their
    favorite text/ansi editor.

    by -oblivious-

    hello... i created a new mod for sync.. i'd appreciate it
    if you guys would check it out, if you want.
    i've tested it a lot, and it appears to do what it's supposed to do!
    it's on my bbs in the uploads directory.

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