• baja programming

    From Jim@VERT to all on Fri Mar 23 13:36:00 2001
    I believe that the more people writing games in baja will
    enhance the (sync)BBS world in general, and their own lives in

    Towards that end I would like to see something like baja 101. Where
    those that know, teach those that want to know.

    I think if we write a BBS game or utility [online] as a group where
    anyone that wants to lurk can or contribute as possible.

    I think programming is [at least] a two part process.

    First part is to outline what the program is to do. A goal. a finish

    Second part is to be fluent in Baja. To be able to translate the first
    part into the second part.

    If anyone else is interested in such a project, you can make
    suggestions as to what sort of program to work on. Anyone can add to
    the thread at any time. Hopefully some folks with accomplished baja
    skills will see fit to follow along and make suggestions as we go. but
    not to write a program and present the src file. A sort of evolution.

    Hopefully at or near the end of this thread more people will fell
    confident in writing baja code that they can share or comment on.

    Now having said all that. I suggest a game of checkers.

    It seems not much is required of the program other than to record
    moves and manipulate screens. No logic is needed and only small
    amounts of file reading and writing would be required.

    Suggestions Please...

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