• Futureland : not your standard board, come on by!

    From LaRRy LaGoMoRpH@VERT to All on Sat Sep 13 20:34:42 2014
    Have you been to Futureland? Has it been too long?

    futureland.grudgemirror.com <--- Telnet


    The one and only futureshell. Chat, RSS, message boards and menuing in
    one screen.

    22 Door games that are all interlinked real time between more than a dozen active boards.

    Original games and programs, such as the oregon trail, the futureland screen saver and bulletins. Pushing the limits of the Future!

    You should really come by to see what's happening at Futureland. It'll
    blow your fricking mind.

    ll morph G futureland.grudgemirror.com LaRRy LaGoMoRpH\-/
    'not your average board check it out' /-\

    Synchronet telnet to utureland.grudgemirror.com and check out our website for a sneak pre