• RetroDigital BBS Moving Servers

    From Deepend@VERT to All on Thu Mar 19 00:59:39 2015
    RetroDigital BBS will experience periods of downtime over the next few days.
    We are moving onto a new server on a dedicated server off of my home connection. Since I changed ISP's I have noticed this new ISP blocks alot of ports. So to avoid any further issues I would rather pay for a dedicated server to host the BBS then use non-standard ports.

    Hopefully things will transfer over fairly smoothly. Will post updates as
    much as I can. Also will have notices posted on our website at http://retrodigital.net/

    Thanks for your patience and hope to see you all soon!

    Mike (DeepEND)
    RetroDigital BBS - rdnetbbs.com

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