• Nibiru Is Coming! We're Doomed!!

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    While there is still time you might as well spend your last days playing the best games on:

    ------[ E L E C T R O N I C W A R F A R E B B S ]--------- ------------------------------------------------------------

    InterBBS Games
    Baron Realms Elite - Falcon's Eye - The Arcadia Legend
    Global Wars - InterLORD - Arrowbridge II
    - Clans -
    Many Local Games Too
    Global War; Tradewar; LORD; Usurper; OKill; MANY More!
    (Always willing to add other games with User request)

    BRE/FE Leagues: The "X" League, AgoraNet, BattleNet
    And League 10

    Running SynchroNet BBS Software on a Linux Box

    Access to many Network Conferences via NNTP or BBS

    The SysOp, Fat Rastus, is active in the InterBBS games and
    quickly resolves users questions and/or problems.

    Telnet://bbs.ewbbs.net | http://www.ewbbs.net

    Synchronet Electronic Warfare BBS | telnet://ewbbs.synchro.net