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    From Exaurdon@VERT to All on Fri Aug 7 20:25:54 2015
    Dragonetworks.net is a retro gaming site I've been working on...slowly..I do admit. Right now I have Wrath of the Litch King (Blizzlike) and of course....

    Dragonetworks BBS. While still in it's infancy, the goal is to have
    every, yes, EVERY, BBS door that still manages to at at least sputter up and running.

    As of this post I have the go-to games everyone knows, like LORD, BRE, even
    SRE (that took 4 hours of maintanence), Tradewars, etc.

    Right now I'm IGMing the #%(#@ out of Lord and NY2008. But I usually add 3-4 games an HOUR to the BBS.

    If you already have Syncterm or etc...just put in dragonetworks.net as the address. If you are connecting via a website just go to http://dragonetworks.net/bbs and connect via ftelnet.

    Also a note for those of you that want an easy way to watch the BBS documentary. I have all 6 parts linked on the bbs website for you to watch
    with popcorn while playing LORD.

    So create your account...and start playing now. Because trust me....being player #2 is way better than being player #256.

    - Exaurdon Dragonetworks.net Dragonetworks.net/bbs

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