• Win a Free T-Shirt

    From Operations@VERT to All on Sun Nov 1 22:03:43 2015
    Win a free Section One BBS T-shirt. Section One BBS has a monthly
    competition called The Game of the Month.
    Congratulations to Kirk who ranked #1 in last months Game of the Month,
    "Galaxy 5." Your free Section One T-Shirt is on its way.

    Our Game of the Month for November is "Colonies." The winner at the end of
    the month will win a free Section One T-Shirt. You can see the shirt over at www.section1bbs.com. you can also connect online at that same website.
    Or you can telnet at sectiononebbs.com. Log in and take over Mars today!

    Synchronet Section One BBS - www.section1bbs.com