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    RetroDigital.net BBS

    Telnet: telnet://bbs.rdnetbbs.com/
    Main Website: https://retrodigital.net/
    BBS Website: https://rdnetbbs.com/
    IRC: rdnetbbs.com Port: 6667

    Message Networks:
    Fidonet: 1:342/11
    Gatornet: 57:57/28
    DoRENET: 44:100/7
    Dove-NET, DeveloperNet, MusicalNet, Starnet

    42 Usenet Newsgroups - Topics from Sports to Jukeboxes.

    Max Nodes: 10
    Messages: Over 627,000
    Files: 682 (Rebuilding our file section to better serve our users.)

    Center of Awareness Games:
    Barren Realms Elite, Bubble Boggle, DiceWarz 2, Falcon's Eye, FatFish, Global War, Kannons and Katapults, LORD, Maze Race, Planets: TEOS, Synchronetris, The Pit, Thirstyville, Top Rank Boxing, Uberblox, Usurper

    BBSLink InterBBS Games:
    Lord, Lord2, Planets: TEOS, Operation: Overkill, Trade Wars 2002, Pimp
    Wars, Lunatix, BBS Crash, Global War, DoorMUD, Mega Slots.

    What's New!
    We now offer our web based experience over SSL. Come visit us at https://rdnetbbs.com/ .

    Lets put our resources to some use. Work together and grow things once and for all! =============================================================================== ====

    We are all about preserving everything Retro, Including BBS related websites/services. If you have any great ideas to help preserve or bring back some interest in BBS's or Retro related stuff please drop us a line! It would be a shame to see all of this great computer history end up just as history. Anything we can do to improve things we will attempt.

    Hope to talk to you all soon!

    Synchronet RetroDigital BBS - rdnetbbs.com