• Win A Free BBS T-Shirt

    From Operations@VERT to All on Sat Sep 3 13:36:52 2016
    Congratulations to MonCheeChee for winning Section One BBS' Game of the
    Month, "Rise to Power." She had a reputation of 14 and a high score of 5,235 for the game that ran the whole summer. Her free Section One BBS T-Shirt is
    on its way.

    You can win one too, by joining in and playing our Game of the Month for September 2016, "Lemonade Stand." Login today to find out if you have what
    it takes to be the Lemonade Stand Mogul in what is a very easy game to learn and play. And you could get a Free Section One BBS T-Shirt sent to you.

    You can check your scores and play the game by telneting to sectiononebbs.com or connecting online at our website www.section1bbs.com. Login today!

    Synchronet Section One BBS - www.section1bbs.com