• The Outer Limit's BBS NEW Hostname! outerlimitsbbs.gotgeeks.com:8000

    From The Phantom Lord@VERT to All on Mon Sep 19 06:33:00 2016
    The Outer Limit's - outerlimitsbbs.gotgeeks.com:8000 has a new hostname! Plus I have redone the BBS from scratch! New menus, new ansis, new games! 18+ games online =) I did manage to keep all my old users with the transfer so please if your not apart of the system then by all means come on down and join us in our huge corner of space! I think you can hate us, love us or not even care but this BBS shows my love for this awesome this called a BBS and I'm grateful I get to share it with much more people than the old dial up days! Thank You!

    The Outer Limit's BBS

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