• Tradewars players wanted

    From MIKE POWELL@VERT to ALL on Sun Oct 16 19:07:00 2016
    Capitol City Online BBS
    Frankfort, Kentucky, USA
    Online since 1988!
    F/K/A "Moe's Tavern" (of Louisville)

    Dial-up: 502-875-8938
    telnet & http: capcity2.synchro.net

    Message networks include: FIDO, ILink, DoveNet, Micronet

    Registered Door games include: Colonies, Lost in Space, DoorMUD, Dogworld 2,
    Way Freight, Godfather of Crime, LORD 2, TEOS, and TW2002!

    Other Door games include: Casino Games, LORD, BRE, Jedi Knights,
    Mudman, Nora, Meldon, Checkers, more!

    NEW CALLERS now have AUTOMATIC access to most doors, after completing New
    User Questionaire!!!

    NOW FEATURING the ANSI ART MUSEUM GALLERY! A collection of over 100 ANSI screens from the hey-day of BBSing!

    Also featuring web-based bbs for messages and files (sorry, currently no doors!).

    Dial-up: 502-875-8938
    telnet & http: capcity2.synchro.net

    ##Mmr 2.61.
    BgNet 1.012 CCO * KY/US * 502/875-8938 * capcity2.synchro.net