• The Outwest RPI BBS

    From Denn@VERT/OUTWEST to All on Sun Jan 7 21:41:59 2018
    Name: Outwest BBS PI
    Birth: 24/12/17
    Software: Mystic
    Sysop: Denn

    E-mail: outwestbbs@gmail.com

    Number: outwestbbs.com:2300
    MinRate: 65535
    MaxRate: 2300
    Location: Clearfield, Ut

    Terminal: ANSI

    Megs: 40

    Running on a raspberry PI 2 model B, I decided to put My PI to work after 2 years of sitting on a shelf.

    Synchronet the Outwest BBS - outwestbbs.com Telnet - outwestbbs.com:23