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    From KK4QBN@VERT/KK4QBN to All on Wed Feb 7 20:47:51 2018
    Since I cannot see any sense in paying windstream (the crappiest monopoly in the southeast) 20.00 extra for a static IP address, I have finally been able to create a bash script usng GoDaddys API to keep my static IP updated in the A name table every hour (my static ip changes once or twice a week). So now there should no longer be ANY interruptions (or at least for not long) in:


    and of course there should never be no interruptions in kk4qbn.synchro.net.

    Scripts have been tested and everything seems to be working fine.

    If any sysops are usng GoDaddy and have a dynamic IP and would like a copy of this Bash script, let me know. you will need to get a production API and passcode from GoDaddy (free of charge). I will supply you with the info.

    BTW, the IRC, BBS, etc "Should" direct you to the correct services, and twitter and fb will direct you to our twitter and fb feeds.


    Tim Smith (KK4QBN)

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