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    From Moon Raker@VERT/TIME to All on Sat May 5 07:17:10 2018
    I have ran an Old School Half-Life Server for 15 years. Just like
    people here keeping BBS's alive.

    Please Add me to your Favorites.


    I can be found in a server refreshed list.
    Lot's of Maps.
    Ran on Linux. Proliant Server
    20meg up 100plus down. 100's of Maps.
    HookMod ` +hook
    Spawn Protection
    Chat Protection (Face the Corner switch to crowbar)
    Server Sounds
    Character Reservation (Model Checking)
    Clan Tag [PGG] Checking
    Forced to pick nick other then player.
    Map Voting
    Free Look Roaming.
    Player Ranking Ladder at Gamer Stats.
    Used to have Rapid Map Deployment Web Server.
    If you like this server and have other friends who sill play OLD Games let me know.
    I have over 10Gigs of server content to make the expereince worth it.
    you get all the maps custom models, custom server sounds, hang out long enough maybe even admin rights to control map skiping and access to clan tag.
    The Computer this runs on is a bulletproof production server I got when a business closed down. Very Reliable Raid Array.
    Would be better to FTP the game content because of waiting for spawn time. If you play long enough the server starts to patch models and sounds etc.
    You have to be regular player though..
    Please MSG here.. If you want a time to play. Can get local people to login as well.
    I do get some players every now and then from China mostly.
    All though the server is open No VAC please don't bring cheats.

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