• Half-Life

    From Moon Raker@VERT/TIME to All on Mon May 14 01:33:07 2018

    Fully Customized Server Ran on Commercial Dedicated 20Meg Upstream Cable Internet...
    Please Leave me a message here if you checked it out and heard about it here..

    Please Contact me about Rapid Map Deployment and all the model and custom sound files.

    I have had this server for 19 years since HL came out in 1998.

    Most of the mods I compiled myself.. Most of the content is hard to get.. It is one of a kind
    with tons of features.

    Was running back before steam.. on WON when it was better.
    Through the years thanks to steam updates. Have had to fix stuff to keep it up..

    Also Love the game ARK Survival.. Been trying to build a good enough PC to Host.
    My XBOX Gamertag is KindredTexas119 Never changed it yet.
    Anyway Happy Gaming!!!!

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