• Our Game of the Month Winner

    From Operations@VERT/SECTONE to All on Fri Dec 7 12:36:12 2018
    Congratulations to Riley for winning Section One BBS' Game of the Month, "Pentasim." Her free Section One BBS T-Shirt is on its way. You can win a free BBS T-Shirt by playing our new Game of the Month for December, "Rise To Power." Can you achieve the position as King of 15th Century Germany and unite the 10 provinces. Get ready for some treachery, guile and force of arms.
    You can see the free T-Shirt at www.section1bbs.com as well as log in to the BBS from there and play. Or you can telnet in to sectiononebbs.com and play. The player with the highest score at the end of December will be our winner and receive their free T-Shirt. Login and play today.

    Synchronet Section One BBS - www.section1bbs.com