• Mutiny BBS

    From Divarin@VERT/MUTINY to All on Thu Feb 7 06:42:26 2019
    Coming to you from Cleveland, OH!
    Mutiny BBS is (yet another) Synchronet BBS which started last Christmas (2018) and just now finally got around to joining Dove Net.

    So why call Mutiny? Well Mutiny has a small but active and engaging BBS door gaming community so when you want to play some Global War or something else you'll actually have someone to play against.

    Mutiny is a part of BBSLink so in addition to the nearly 30 games hosted on Mutiny you can play all of BBSLink's games as well.

    By playing games on Mutiny you can win coupon codes good at JadedChicken.com
    , an online store I also run which sells vintage games and other such stuff.

    You can log onto Mutiny at MutinyBBS.com port 2332 (or 2232 for SSH)

    Synchronet MutinyBBS.com port 2332