• Free T-Shirt

    From Operations@VERT/SECTONE to All on Tue Apr 2 13:10:37 2019
    Congratulations to Miss Pain for winning Section One BBS's Game of the Month for March, "Darkness." She was an assassin with an experience of 441, the top for the month. Her free BBS T-Shirt is on its way.
    You can win a Free BBS T-Shirt by playing, "Vampires Children of Darkness", our game of the month for April. Try to be the top Vamp as you travel around the world, creating other dark children and growing your own influence amidst the Dark Beings. Get Rich, Battle other Vampires and gain the knowledge of 11 City Elders. But you have to join to win, so log in today. The game will only run though this month and the winner will be the one with the most points at the end.
    You can see the T-Shirt over at our www.section1bbs.com and also log into the BBS from there. Or you can telnet over to sectiononebbs.com.
    Good Luck!

    Synchronet Section One BBS - www.section1bbs.com