• Play Our Game of the Month and Win a GREAT Prize

    From Operations@VERT/SECTONE to All on Mon Jul 1 21:57:29 2019
    Congratulations to Mopar Man for winning Section One BBS's Game of the Month for June 2019, "Scavenger Hunt." His free Section One BBS T-Shirt is on its way.
    You can win your own BBS T-Shirt by playing our new Game of the Month for July, "Vegas Slots." Enter your bet and pull the handle....and GOOD LUCK!!!
    You can see the T-Shirt and log in to the BBS at www.section1bbs.com or you can telnet into sectiononebbs.com.
    Will you be able to be the top earner this month? You will have to log in to find out. Start Playing Today!

    Synchronet Section One BBS - www.section1bbs.com