• The Midnight Cafe

    From north*star@VERT/TIME/BATTLEST to SBL on Sun Sep 22 00:00:01 2019
    Name: The Midnight Cafe
    Birth: 31/10/91
    Software: Synchronet
    Sysop: North*Star
    Sysop: Mad Dog

    Number: themidnightcafe.ddns.net
    MinRate: 65535
    MaxRate: 23
    Location: moncure,nc

    Network: dovenet

    Terminal: ansi

    Megs: 4000000
    Msgs: 500
    Files: 250
    Nodes: 4
    Users: 987
    Subs: 10
    Dirs: 5
    Xtrns: 5

    Desc: The offical home of The Midnight Cafe Radio show.
    Desc: Join Us for Coast To Coast, Art Bell, Infowars,
    Desc: The Midnight Cafe, UFO talk, Ghosts and the
    Desc: Paranormal, Big foot, and Government Coverups.
    Desc: It's where Free Speech makes it's last stand!

    --- SBL2SMB 2.1.11-Win32
    Synchronet Battlestar BBS - battlestarbbs.dyndns.org
  • From HusTler@VERT/HAVENS to north*star on Tue Oct 1 23:17:27 2019
    Re: The Midnight Cafe
    By: north*star to SBL on Sun Sep 22 2019 12:00 am

    Name: The Midnight Cafe

    Hey.. I was a regular on this board back in the 90's. Is this the one in the same? The one and only Midnight Cafe??

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