• girl in the forest

    From Gryphon@VERT to Kirkman on Sun Oct 25 09:18:00 2015
    On 10/24/15, Kirkman said the following...
    Yeah, I saw your post in the Synchronet BBS group on Facebook with th video. It's impressive (the best *looking* ANSI game/demo I recall ev seeing) and I look (very much) forward to seeing the actual game.

    Yeah, this new demo is based on the same code I used to make the "girl
    in the forest" parallax demo I posted on FB. The new one features art by Whazzit of Blocktronics/Mistigris, and is more polished, and will be in the next Mistigris artpack.

    I'm hoping that my daughter and I can make something playable from my 'tileset' code. But I'm still busy drawing/adapting RPG tiles into ANSI, and haven't done enough code work on the actual game.


    Can you provide a link to this game for those of us who don't use FB?

    I've been working on a zelda-like ANSI BBS door too, and I want to see what others have done with the theme.

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