• Air guns?

    From AMERICAN CLASSIC766@VERT to ALL on Mon Feb 18 15:26:00 2013
    Anyone here into air guns? A month or two ago, I got out the old Crosman
    766 American Classic .177 pump rifle. I had not shot it for years. Spent an afternoon having a lot of fun with it. Since then, I have purchased a Crosman 1377 American Classic .177 pump pistol, a break-barrel .22 springer rifle, and a couple of other air guns.

    I really like the break-barrel. It has a real wood stock and the look/feel
    of a real rifle. If you hold it like you should a spring-piston gun, it is also quite accurate. I also like the fact that the ammo for them all is a lot cheaper, and a lot easier to come by these days, than even rimfire .22
    ammo. :)

    Air rifles are not just small-calibre anymore, either. They now make some
    that fire .357, .40, and even .50 calibre pellets that look more like
    bullets without casings than the skirted pellets I am used to. They are
    not cheap, either, which is why it will be a while before I'd consider one!

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    Re: Air guns?
    By: AMERICAN CLASSIC766 to ALL on Mon Feb 18 2013 03:26 pm

    Anyone here into air guns?

    I've had a Gamo break barrel .177 (1000fps) for several years now which I've used to kill rats and gophers on occasion and scare away the coyotes. But since
    it's really a long range/scoped gun, it's not very practical for the up close encounters I typically have with our tree/roof rats.

    I bought my dad a Crosman C31 (with laser sight) for Christmas and we had a lot
    of fun hip-shooting targets in the back yard. I sort of thought he might use it
    to kill rats too, but I think it's too low FPS for that and BBs aren't considered a "humane" pest control method (I remember, many years ago, putting a couple of packets of BBs into an opposum before it finally stopped thrashing).

    I was looking for an air pistol for myself recently (for those "up close" rat encounters) and was seriously considering the Crosman 357 (.177 pellet), but decided I needed a .22 pellet for more effective (and humane) pest control. That's when I found the world of Crosman 2240 and all the modders/kits etc for it.

    I ended up ordering a custom gun through Crosman's online ordering method (a 2400kt "carbine"). It's a longer barrel than I really wanted (14" instead of 10"), but I like the foregrip idea of the 2400 (based on the 2250, which I guess is marketed as the "Rat Catcher" in some places). And I think all told with a lifetime warranty, it was only $116. It should arrive in a couple of weeks. I already have a CP laser/light combo ready for it.

    I like air guns because I can shoot them in my backyard and most everything about them is much cheaper than firearms (except maybe the optics).

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