• Good day at the range

    From KU2S@VERT to All on Tue Sep 10 13:06:54 2013
    Had a couple of good days at the range the last couple of weeks... Managed to get some time in with my LCP and my PT-145 Pro, and found that even after having been away from shooting for a couple of years, can still keep my rounds within the scoring area of a standard silhouette target at 7 yards.

    The week after, put about 40 rounds through my Savage 112 (.223 Rem) which I hadn't shot since I bought it. I DID discover that I am not at all happy with the trigger, so will either be replacing it or having a trigger job done on
    it. Eventually got that gun so hot that it wouldn't hold a group any more,
    and just happened to have a 540X and a partial box of .22 LR with me. Able
    to put everything within a 4" circle at 100 yards with a 12X scope. I admit I DID use a front rest, but no back rest...

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