• Go figure

    From Weatherman@VERT to All on Tue Jan 13 12:31:00 2009
    Soo.. read a magazine article on Ruger's new LCP, and I figured it'd make a decent carry gun for the Old Lady. Found one at a local gunshop, took her to look at it in anticipation of buying a .380 for her purse. Her reaction? Oh, it's "nice" but I think I like THAT one better...

    End result... We are now the proud owners of a Colt Model 1908 chambered in .25 ACP, based on the serial number, manufactured in 1919. Guess it's time to invest in a couple of six-packs. Of Glaser Safety Slugs, that is!

    Heh heh... I'm still going with the Taurus PT-145... .45 ACP, compact, and a 10-round mag to boot... as long as it'll chamber 230 gr JHP's I'll be happy...

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