• Chick and Ghandi

    From Gandolf@VERT to DOVE-Net.Firearms on Wed Jan 14 12:41:04 2009
    Quote from "Chick"
    Hirro dare my flend GLandoff, how you be doit rately. It good & bad you
    big hands, It bad becauze it make yore pipi rooking even smallerer then it
    If you havit small hand it wood makit pipi rooking bigger then. That why
    orways good to mally girl with small hands.

    Yore Flend
    Chick N. LoMein
    Quote from "Ghandi"

    How sir would it be you have such a hand so big.
    If to the mens room you do go can it be such it being
    a big hand can cause making your little pistol look even
    much small.

    Definitely the same person, or someone REALLY wants to imposter the

    I'm going to agree with W8ZZU:
    Must be Ron Scrivinni being bored again.