• The first gun, why does Doubleman believe to have made it?

    From Doubleman@VERT to All on Sat Jul 23 06:45:36 2011
    To All,

    I must to say from bearing a heavy load contendable to see thoughts prove to life mean little. Why not then a bullet? Here you see all the fuss was made to correct attitude. Why not then prove it is properly called a pistol? One should its only correct to firing, you shouldn't prove one a cop to see suggested his gun. When never was considered life from this scenario, could it be said he was gunning one for that a devil? Then you must consider one lived that way, the devil figured it, and this has made all the difference. Why now would some call it a niggas' deliemma. See this one through and I could manage.


    BTW, never short, always tall, and never long.
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