• Locale & DOSEmu

    From Mindless Automaton@VERT to DOVE-Net.Unix_Discussion on Tue Feb 5 08:36:08 2013
    Recently when any of the bbs dos doors start up, I've started getting
    this message:

    You did not specify a locale (using the LANG, LC_CTYPE, or LC_ALL
    environment variable, e.g., en_US) or did not specify an explicit set for $_external_char_set in ~/.dosemurc or dosemu.conf.
    Non-ASCII characters ("extended ASCII") are not displayed correctly.

    I've never messed with any of those settings before, so I'm not sure
    what happened that its complaining about them now.

    Any ideas?


    Mindless Automaton
    Synchronet Eldritch Clockwork BBS - eldritch.darktech.org