• Re: Raspberry Pi overcloc

    From Vk3jed@VERT to Gryphon on Thu Feb 25 07:33:00 2016
    Gryphon wrote to Vk3jed <=-

    Do you have any experience with your performance before you migrated to your Pi? Has your bbs always been on your Pi? Or did you run it on another device and the migrate to it?

    It's always run on the Pi, and that particular Pi too.

    As stated earlier, I'm running on Pidora. I've downloaded the debian jessie lite image and am going to test that out in headless mode. I
    don't think that Pidora is even offered anymore, unless its in the NOOB image.

    I've never used Pidora. I gave up Red Hat a while ago, preferred the way Debian manages updates, so the Debian / Raspian route was a more natural progression. 10 years ago, I was actually using Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS quite heavily, but Fedora's upgrade cycles were just too much to keep up with for any long lived production system. CentOS had good longevity, but they started making major changes to their setup that broke some software, so I switched to Debian.

    The only issue I have is that I have only one Pi and for me to test and install, I have to bring down the BBS.

    Unfortunately, true, though at least swapping SD cards is easier than swapping hard disks! :)
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