• mys112a10_l64.rar

    From bcw142@VERT to g00r00 on Wed Apr 6 11:17:00 2016
    In testing mys112a10_l64.rar, drawing upload in the message area I ran in to
    a file that wouldn't upload and had to 'drop carrier' (exit telnet session)
    to get out (which it did cleanly exit on BBS end). The problem turned out to
    be special characters in the filename. It was from 123-16.zip (123 ANSI/ASCII group from NOVEMBER 2, 2003 // SPOOKY EDITION) the first file was
    0^SPOOKY.ANS and so wouldn't upload from pi 1.11's nodespy which I was using
    at the time. A copy to SPOOKY.ANS uploaded no trouble so it was filename and most likely the ^ character. Since upload filesize was listed I knew it
    wasn't the sending end (nodespy), but went to the file area and upload 0^SPOOKY.ANS with no problems (also to mys112a10_l64.rar based mystic bbs).
    So there's a minor issue with the upload in the drawing mode not handling things the same as file upload does, likely in all Alpha 10 versions.

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A10 (Raspberry Pi)
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