• Best Enterprise Linux Monitoring Tools

    From Chris@VERT to All on Tue Nov 1 21:59:08 2016
    Can anyone recommend an enterprise level Linux/Unix monitoring app? I'm starting to look into one I can use to monitor 100+ servers. These are spread out between our systems on our local lan and our remote wan servers.

    I'm still trying to iron out my use cases so my requirements currently are kind of vague, but I'm mainly interested in keeping up with disk space,memory and CPU monitoring and making sure certain processes are running. If it also monitors JBoss apps that's great too, but suspect I will stick to a separate app for that.

    I'm beginning to look into products such as Cacti, Nagios,and some of the other usual suspects. I'm just curious if anyone here has any experience with any of these I'd be interested in hearing how they worked out for you. Outside of having installed the Nagios for a brief time, I have little to no experience with these apps, so any 'guidance' would be great.

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