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    By: cogniben77 to All on Sat Feb 20 2010 06:06 pm

    Well it appears to be halfway through the Olympic Games. I have few things to say about it. First does anyone buy into the death
    of an athlete at these Winter games like in the luge event due to error of the athlete himself than the course. People were stating facts that the track w to fast and stuff. Then when they made the changes to make the track safer, if i am correct on this. That Luge Athletes stated
    that the track was to sl after the changes were made. I pretty much confused. Since who wonders wha could have happened or not have
    happened at the Winter games if nothing was done at all if the incident leading to the luge athletes death never happene
    Also i see that at this point in the games the host country whic is Canada, i think is last in the medal standings total that is. While the United States is on top with 20 or more medals and we are only halfway into the games.

    Next is the men skating event where a Russian and American that wasn't to much aware of faced each other in the short and long program. In the end the American skater came up on top. And the
    Russian skater came second. There was a bit of a controversy there also about this quad jump whe you turn four times into the air from the ice. The Russian skater did the quad while the USA skater just made sure he landed his jumps and skated gracefully to win the gold. Does this mean the quad jump doesn't garantee a win or loss? There is much more, such as Shawn White for snowboarding winni gold, Lindsey Von winning gold in ski events. Now Apollo Ono trying to win record of seven medals or something close to it in these games.


    All that matters is the US kicked Canada's ass in hockey last night 5-3. When we win the gold it will be a slap in the face to all of Canada, especially those jerk french-canadians.

    Just wondering, though it has been a few months after the winter Olympics. I forgot who won the hockey tournament, in the winter games in the end. Please remind me, since i am sure to have seen the game, just don't remember who played or won.


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