• french open finals 2010

    From cogniben77@VERT to All on Wed Jun 9 16:54:58 2010

    I like to congratulate the Italian woman who won the womens championship last saturday. Better late than being sorry for not expressing that since i am half italian. Apparently she is the first italian woman to win the championship in a long time or in history. So i am happy for her.

    I also like to congratulate Raphal Nadal for winning another
    French Open tital and now he is catching up to other great tennis players of the past and present who won just as many titals.

    Pretty soon or in July i will have high speed internet again and
    be able to watch more sporting events online with internet tv in HD. On my computer. This will be exciting so i can watch or follow indy car racing and drag racing and so much more that i have been missing out on since i lost
    cable and satellite tv.


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