• Wolrd Cup Soccer 2010

    From cogniben77@VERT to All on Fri Jun 11 16:39:39 2010

    First i like to say i am sorry to have learned about Nelson Mendellas Grandaughter being killed by a drunk driver keeping Nelson Mendella away from the host south african country team's first game of the 2010 world cup soccer held in south africa.

    USA and England will be facing off next on the soccer field and
    all ready both sides are putting in their two cents in to how they do. As for me, i just enjoy watching the sport of soccer. USA though have high hopes
    this year to do well again in the 2010 soccer tournament. It sure been a long time that soccer has been thrusted back into the sports news. Now it will be the number one sport during the course of the tournament. Plus if USA does well, it will really jazz up some support from us in the US.


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