• When you get older...

    From cogniben77@VERT to All on Sun Feb 6 14:36:20 2011

    I am talking about the pregame show leading up to this year's super bowl with the Steelers and Packers. Plus the super bowl itself. 2010-2011 ./. What i am trying to say here that it don't have the same feeling anymore to watch the big game. Maybe the game itself is more exciting than the pre game shows and music,and celebrities showing up to the game. The thing is when you age that each year seems to go faster along with the months.
    Also the days don't seem as long. Before i know it and you know it that we are back to a regular week where the super bowl is over and the team that won will be talked about for a while until it becomes yesterday news. The main fact here is that you have to really be there in person and for a reason, like to back up your favorite team in the super bowl. Otherwise you can live a
    life where it is pretty much normal and as you age things just move fast and you don't really grasp how big events are unless you are there. I am sure i
    am not the only one that feels this way about aging and being through year after year of super bowls where the only thing different about them is who is playing against each other and the location to where the game is played.
    Don't get me wrong the pregame shows and the shows leading up to the pregame are all informative, but, they just don't impact you as much anymore. It is like a after thought than something brand new or whatever. To tell you the truth i am looking forward to the NASCAR season with auto racing right now
    with DAYTONA and the new paved pavement on the track. I am sure though when that time comes it be like what i described above where you been there and
    done that in terms of watching the events on television.


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