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    From Rassilon@VERT to All on Wed Feb 9 02:25:14 2011
    Ok. So I took until *almost* the spring training season to say, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" to all the Giants doubters out there. I was out here last spring & I said that the San Francisco Giants were not only going to take the pennant but they'd take the World Series, so...

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!

    Anyway, now...(Post Superbowl XLV prediction)...the San Francisco 49ers will take the NFC West, win the Wild Card at home but lose on the road in the Divisional Playoffs only to return in 2012 & get destroyed with the rest of the world on Dec. 21st. Otherwise they would win their 6th Superbowl Title. If the world survives on Dec. 21st 2012 & we make it to the Superbowl. It's the NINER'S! 6-0, baby. Somebody save this post. It's gotta last 2 years.

    Giants? Eh...playoffs next year...*Maybe* the wild card the year after. Who knows?


    -Actually I was 'allowed' to use that logo after...


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