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    I have done a little study on the effects of watching baseball on television and actually being at the games. through the effort of friends and family i was able to make a total number of 15 calls on the phone. i
    basically asked the question "do you find it more exciting and interesting to watch baseball on tv or live in person?" now i am not good in adding percentages of what my friends and family had said. lets just say that the majority stated that going to an actual game is more exciting than watching it on television. i did more research on the matter. where i founded out that when you watch a game on television that unless you surround yourself with friends and family or perhaps your girlfriend or wife. and they are as interested in the game as you do while you watch it. you have a more better experience watching the game on television. if you watch it by yourself, it becomes boring and you don't actually realize what you are missing out if you were with friends or strangers watching the same game. now to make this study more interesting and a bit larger than it was. that i compared it to other sports. the number one sport that you can actually look forward to watching week in and week out. is basically professional or college football. the
    main reason for this is that no matter if you are with friends or by yourself. that since you are watching a more exciting game on television and only watching it once every weekend. that professional football and college
    football is your thing. i will add to this study when i have a chance to call my friends and family to ask the next questions. what sports is more popular to watch by yourself. thanks for reading.


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