• giants win jets loose

    From cogniben77@VERT to All on Sun Sep 16 16:35:05 2012

    a complete opposite of last weeks games. where giants lost to dallas cowboys and jets win. now this weekend the giants won their game against
    tampa bay buccenears. close game. and jets loose to the steelers. so both teams are now 1 and 1. meanwhile my eagles are 2 and 0 after two close wins.
    i didn't get to see the eagles win both games, but, was able to see high lights. sunday nights game is the detroit lions and the san fransico 49ers. not sure if i will watch the game, depending what else is on. as for the replacement refs or referees they have done the job very well so far so good. while you watch the games you hardly notice that they are replacement refs.
    as for news on the main or professional refs, they still haven't solved their labor disbutes.


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