• 2013 superbowl predictions...

    From cogniben77@VERT to all on Sat Feb 2 14:35:53 2013

    i am rooting for the san francisco 49ers to win this years
    super bowl. this is the first time i think they made it after all them years since joe montana and jerry rice were the big names to bring the 49ers to multiple super bowls and wins. as for the ravens, i been hearing a lot that people think that the ravens will win the superbowl this year. i 100 percent disagree. of course anything can happen on the football field. so let them play it out and see who the better team is.

    oh yeah, two brothers as head coaches of both teams are going head to head in this super bowl. so i guess you could say it was destiny for that to have worked out the way it did. i am not good with score predictions. so lets just watch the big game and see what happens.


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