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    Part 3 of 3...

    Weiser trade paperback unfortunately changes all the color plates to black and white to save on cost.

    Biography of the Baal Shem

    Dr. Marcel Yarmolinsky (1940)

    A labor of love, this is an exhaustive account of Baal Shem. No stone is left unturned, and all aspects of his life are given a clear analysis, with an obvious emphasis on religion. It was the last book he completed before he was murdered in his hotel room.

    Special Link
    Below is a link that will take you to the Vakalo Collection on the JLB
    "Borges Art" page. Here you will find a section called "The Books Borges Never Wrote," a series of stunning "covers" by artist George Kranitis. I am in awe
    this man's work!

    Books Borges Never Wrote: The Covers

    --A. Ruch
    8 December 1997


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