• My Retro Setup

    From Codefenix@GAMENET/CONCHAOS to All on Wed Jun 10 11:56:15 2020
    My retro setup currently consists of:
    - PS2
    - GameCube
    - Super NES
    - NES
    - Toshiba SD-4000 DVD Player
    - Optimus Model 64 VCR (hell, yeah)

    All connected to my RCA 27" CRT TV that I bought 15+ years ago from RadioShack when I used to be a manager there.

    I use a Pelican 5-way AV switch (plus a second 4-way AV switch) to connect everything together to the set, using S-video for the all systems that support it.

    The picture clarity on the CRT provided by S-video is absolutely stunning. It really breathes new life into SNES games.

    I output the audio from the TV to an old silver/woodgrain Nikko 8085 stereo receiver and a pair of Optimus walnut bookshelf speakers. It's nothing fancy, but I like the way it enhances the sound of everything.

    What's everyone else gaming on these days?

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