• Rasperry PI and the TI sy

    From Beery@FREEWAY to All on Tue Apr 24 19:50:00 2018
    Just a FYI if there are PI developers out there. We have a gentleman within the TI community that has interfaced via hardware the RPI to the TI. Besides the PI serving as a Telnet link, he has also written some DSR (Device Service Routine) code on both the TI and RPI side so the PI is interfaced as a file server. It is pretty much serving up files at WiFi speeds rather than serial speeds. Basically, it can serve very similar as a hard drive.

    Anyways, if folks are interested, check out the Forum area on
    www.Atariage.com under the TI-99/4A area. Or ask here, and I will point you towards the group as well.

    The RPI offers a lot of opportunities to interface to other systems if there are developers out there with the expertise to write some code.


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